Monday, January 03, 2005

Finally, I'm back.

Wow, I haven't posted in 2 months. It was a crazy end to the semester which had me working on other sorts of writing.

My grades came in: 3.75 for the semester - not bad but not outstanding either. I'll have to do better. And I freely admit to having too much fun and not enough study.

Thoughts from the semester:

1. I need more discipline.
2. I need to write more precisely - not my thought, actually Fr. John Behr's instructions.
3. I need to spend more time both with original source material and with current scholarship.
4. I need more dicipline.

Also, I have an amazingly idylic life: I life and study with Orthodox Christians, I am able to attend church at least 12 times per week, I have wonderful friends with whom I do things like knit while they read Flannery O'Connor out loud. My life is amazing. I know I don't deserve this and am thankful that God has blessed me as he has.


Karl Thienes said...


Good to see you back. I was wondering if the workload made you forget your blog!

I'm very jealous of your new life!

savannah said...

ANNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! i love you!!!!! and miss you sooooo much!!! i am sad when i do my math because i miss you so much... you need to come back and visit.. all of my friends miss you!!!! and church misses you too... well, i'll see you later!!! i also started a blog its called "my interesting world" its pretty cool...well, ill see you later!!!

Carrie T said...

Wow Ann! That sounds awesome! Infinitely better than transporting crimminals at all hours of the night, right!?

No but seriously, I'm so glad that after your sacrifice and hard work God has brought you to this place. We're still praying for this opportunity for our family as well!

God bless!

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Michelle said...

Dang, you think 3.75 isn't outstanding? Now I feel bad about my 3.2.


you genius you. ;)