Sunday, September 26, 2004


Yesterday, as I was preparing to go to confession, I was thinking about my greatest struggles. I t seems to me that many of them go back to one source: I want people to think well of me without actually doing the work to become that sort of person. I wish to appear righteous, smart, clever, amusing, thoughtful, etc. Unfortunately, actually being that person is hard. I am often in all actuality greedy, gluttonous, small minded, petty, judgmental, and shallow. I am blessed that God has seen fit to give me the sacrament of confession that I may begin the work of becoming more of His and less of mine. "For if God numbered our transgressions who could stand."

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Matt said...

You and I are afflicted by the same sin. But with me it even goes into confession. I have a hard time in confession because I want my priest to think I'm better than I am. So, what I do is I write my sins out on a piece of paper and read from it during confession. I don't know if Father looks at the paper or if he just listens to what I say. But it helps me to confess everything if I know he can read it off the paper.

I love how clean I feel after confession, but actually going through confession is painful.