Monday, September 20, 2004

Today's Homily

Today at matins we had the first of the student homilies this year. Nick Belcher spoke of Christ submitting to baptism. He also pointed out our arrogance and tendency to be stiff necked. According to Matthew the Poor, Christ's baptism is a balm for our stiff necks. Nick gave an excellent homily indeed that spoke directly to my own besetting sin - spiritual pride. I could probably use daily homilies on that particular subject.

This reminds me of something I thought about last year when Nona, and elderly lacy in our parish, fell asleep in the Lord. Nona, despite having only a 6th grade education, knew far more about Christ than I do with all of my theological education. She had 90 years of Lent, Pascha, fasting, and prayer to teach her what I only glimpse from time to time.

While I don't wish to fall into some sort of anti-intellectualism, and I know that I will learn an amazing amount about my faith here in seminary, what I truly need to learn will only come with prayer and fasting.

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Jonathan David said...

I'm not anti-intellectual either, but sometimes one has to wonder if what you learn in seminary has any bearing in real life at all. Perhaps that is just me...