Friday, September 10, 2004

My arrival at Seminary

I arrived here on Tuesday morning to move into to my dorm. After carrying all my stuff upstairs to my room for most of the day, I cleaned up for vigil. A note about stuff - I have too much and the weather and stairs combination was not all that fun. But enough of my whining. Vigil was amazingly beautiful, and comprised my first experience with the dual choirs here at St. Vlads. The mixed choir and the men's choir sing antiphonally at vespers and vigils. I can see that this regular cycle of services will be grounding for me while I am here.

I have also registered for classes. St. Vlads allowed me to transfer in 24 credits from Biola. Consequently, I am enrolled in Church History 101, Dogmatic Theology 101, Liturgical Theology 201, Litugical Music 201, Old testament 301 (Wisdom literature), and Spirituality 301 (Prayer). I will also attempt to audit Fr. Behr's course on Theological Anthropology. This will give me 16 credits of class with 2 credits of audit. I should be very busy.

I've been very impressed with the faculty and staff here. They are very approachable. And very willing to help or answer silly new student questions.

I am very excited about the coming year, knowing that God has lead me here for a purpose.

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