Saturday, September 11, 2004

Even Saturdays are busy

Today seemed to be as busy as all the other days this week. Besides doing errands and laundry, I had a 2 hour choir rehearsal and will soon be headed to 2 hours of Vigil. The mixed choir will be doing 2-3 recording projects this semester. Amazing!! My voice will be on a CD someone actually pays money to own. Fortunately for all, I won't be alone but in the midst of people who actually know what they are doing. I became used to being directed by Tracey, the choir director at St. Nicholas in Portland, OR. Deacon Kevin Smith is our director here, but I am having to adjust to his directing style. He's a bit more subtle in his cues. I also started reading for church history and the class I'm going to audit - Theological Anthropology. I'm reading The Humanity of God by Karl Barth. His analysis of 19th Century theology in the West is fascinating and I think a profound look at what I view as the fruits of Scholsticism. The class should be fascinating.

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